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Warranty Declaration

Bekkala’s Diesel Repair, LLC.                                                                                                 02/17/20

23862 Oneco Road 

Calumet, MI 49913



*Warranty Declaration*

  • Complete Engine Overhaul (out of chassis)

Complete overhaul consists of disassembly, inspection, and repair/rebuilding to restore unit to original operating standards. The warranty term is one year (parts and labor included). This warranty covers the complete engine and accessories, if they were inspected/repaired. Warranty also includes the engine block, head, crank-shaft, piston rods, and cam-shaft.


  • In-Frame Overhaul (in chassis repair)

In-frame overhaul consists of partial disassembly of engine to replace wear parts including pistons, rings, bearings and gaskets. Cam-shaft and crank-shaft are not always removed during this process. The warranty term is one year (parts and labor included). This warranty covers all engine parts replaced and accessories repaired/replaced including the cylinder head. This warranty does not cover the engine block, crank-shaft, cam-shaft, or accessories not replaced/rebuilt unless they were removed and inspected/checked for cracks.


  • Transmission/Other Repairs

Complete disassembly/repair of any other component will provide warranty coverage for only that unit/part for one year (parts and labor included). Other parts in the system or on the vehicle/unit are not covered unless abuse/neglect by Bekkala’s Diesel Repair is determined to be the cause of failure.

  • Outside Parts Sales (not installed by Bekkala's Diesel Repair, LLC.)

Warranty is six months (parts included but not labor). If the manufacturers warranty is longer than six months, we will assist in the warranty claim from our vendor. Battery warranty is always at the manufacturer's discretion (usually 1 year minimum).

Warranty repairs completed at our facility will be completed at zero cost and will be documented with a zero amount due on the invoice. Warranty repairs that are outside of our service range can be brought to an OEM repair facility, and the customer will be reimbursed completely by Bekkala’s Diesel Repair upon receipt of an invoice showing the repairs completed and the Unit#/Vehicle#/Engine Serial#. This warranty does not include towing/delivery/shipping of the unit to a repair facility. All warranty coverage will be subject to diagnosis to determine the cause of failure. Warranty is void if Unit/Engine/ Vehicle has not been maintained, has been overheated, or abuse/neglect is found to be the cause of the failure.


Thank you for your business, and we look forward to helping maintain/repair your mechanical systems in the future.


Craig H. Bekkala

Owner- Bekkala’s Diesel Repair, Master Medium/Heavy and Automotive Technician. Certified school bus technician.  

Any warranty information questions?
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